Saturday, November 5, 2011

MPB pra Anna?

So my daughter is now living in New York and she misses home. She even misses the Brazilian music that her mom tried to force her to like when she was little...

Today she asked me which was my favourite Milton Nascimento album. Milton, who we've managed to see live in the Stanford Jazz Festival, made a good impression on her... So I've decided to follow my friend Catarina's lead and try to show Anna the stuff that Catarina likes, on the grounds that Catarina being much younger than me might be best at showing stuff that Anna will like. and then, I want to see if I can match Catarina's with my own versions.

Catarina is a conscientious blogger, she does a brazilian music column every week, so I won't even try to do as much (Anna has been asking last few weeks for Brazilian music to be sent to her..), but I will try to  check some of her stuff. 

So we begin with one that  both Catarina and I like very much: Caetano Veloso with "It's a long way"... But my favourite old Caetano song is still "London, London".

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  1. Wow, I'm honored! But I'm still much older than Anna myself, and I like music that is even older than me, so... Anyway, very curious as to what you will come up with, Valeria!