Monday, November 14, 2011

Expletives undeleted

So here are some of my favourite songs demonstrating mastery of basic English (you have been warned):
Ian Dury, it turns out, was born right next to my primary school. But if Wikipedia is to be believed, the faceless suburbs of Harrow Weald were not quite appropriate for a pre-punk Essex man. In compensation, Billericay Dickie is the only song I know that has my name (in reverse order) within the space of a few words. Your great-grandfather, however, was from Essex (Ilford). Your grandfather was born in Balham, in the tubeless and consequently impenetrable wastes of south London, and your grandmother, presciently, was born in Crouch End. Before that, I was once told, we come from a long line of East-Anglian wheelwrights and undertakers: I do my best not to find this somehow appropriate

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